Guest Blogging Statistics

  1. Over two-thirds of individuals believe blogs add credibility to a website (Social Marketing Writing).
  2. Approximately 43% of readers skim through blog content (HubSpot).
  3. The most profitable blog niche in 2022 was food, earning about $9,169 per month (RankIQ).
  4. More than half of businesses spending over $2,000 on content claim a successful strategy (Siege Media + Clearscope).
  5. Over 82% of consumers feel more positive toward a company that produces custom content (Demand Metric).
  6. The optimal alt text length for blog alt text images is below or equal to 125 characters (Moz).
  7. WordPress blogs accumulate roughly 70 million new posts monthly and 77 million comments (WordPress).
  8. Companies actively investing in SEO account for almost 63.57% (HubSpot).
  9. Nearly 15% of survey participants read a blog to better engage and understand a brand (HubSpot).
  10. Long-form blog content earns over 77% more links than shorter posts (Backlinko).
  11. Roughly 3% of respondents stated they write 100 or more guest posts every month (ReferralRock).
  12. About a quarter of bloggers report strong marketing outcomes due to blogging (Orbit Media).
  13. In 2022, the blogging community generated approximately 2.6 billion blog posts by October 19 (InternetLiveStats).
  14. The blog post’s average length in 2022-2023 was around 1,376 words (Orbit Media).
  15. Over 80% of users bounce off an average blog (Siege Media).
  16. Users upload an astonishing 3.2 billion photos and 720,000 hours of video to the internet daily (QUT).
  17. Businesses that write blog posts see their monthly leads rise by an impressive 126% compared to non-blogging businesses (HubSpot).
  18. Only 2.2% of content manages to generate links from multiple websites (Backlinko).

Blogging holds immense value in the digital world, with a staggering 2.6 billion posts penned in 2022 alone (InternetLiveStats). The average length of these posts was approximately 1,376 words (Orbit Media), contributing to the roughly 70 million new article posts and 77 million post comments flooding WordPress blogs each month (WordPress). Despite an average bounce rate of over 82% (Siege Media), nearly 15% of surveyed individuals rely on blogs to deepen their understanding and engagement with brands (HubSpot).

Significantly, over two-thirds of individuals believe that blogs lend credibility to a website (Social Marketing Writing), which positively impacts a business’s bottom line. Specifically, those spending over $2,000 on their content strategy often report success (Siege Media + Clearscope). Further emphasizing the financial potential of blogging, the food niche was reported as the most profitable in 2022, with monthly earnings reaching around $9,169 (RankIQ).

Investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is prevalent, with 63.57% of companies acknowledging its importance (HubSpot). Long-form blog content seems to pay off, earning over 77% more links compared to shorter content (Backlinko). Surprisingly, a minority (3%) of respondents revealed they contribute 100 or more guest posts monthly (ReferralRock). Regarding content consumption, approximately 43% of readers skim through blog content, suggesting the need for concise, engaging writing (HubSpot).

The appeal of custom content is undeniable; over 82% of consumers express a positive sentiment towards companies producing custom content (Demand Metric), and businesses that blog observe a 126% uptick in monthly leads compared to their non-blogging counterparts (HubSpot). The power of visual content is reflected in the 3.2 billion photos and 720,000 hours of video uploaded to the internet daily (QUT). However, regrettably, only 2.2% of content successfully generates links from multiple websites (Backlinko).

Finally, accessibility is a crucial consideration in the digital landscape. The optimal length for alt text images is under or equal to 125 characters (Moz), an essential element of compliance with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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